Mesotherapy: The solution to cellulite

Mesotherapy is the most powerful tool against cellulite.

It’s a treatment that has been used for many years abroad(since 1958 in France) and it is applied widely in order to face aesthetic problems. Mesotherapy improves the micro-circulation and this way it enables the best oxygenation of cells and the emission of toxins.

It is considered the best method of aesthetics and medicine for the treatment of cellulite and other aesthetic problems(dermal flaccidity, wrinkles, hair loss, skin aging, alopecia etc.)

How is mesotherapy done?

Mesotherapy is the induction of the mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidizers into the face, neck, breast, arms or the entire body. The induction is performed by syringes that contain a very thin and tiny needle.

The most widespread techniques are Meso-gun(mesotherapy pistol) in which we put the syringes and then apply to the treatment areas using micro-needles 4mm( so little like eyelashes’ hair) or Derma-pen(special device with micro-needles) with no pain at all.

Machines for Mesotherapy

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