The most common reason of undesirable hair growth is the idiopathic hyper hair while in some cases a hormonal control is needed besides the laser treatment. The problem is also about the hair growth inside the skin which causes redness and zits(beard for men – bikini and legs for women).

The hairs are developed in a circle and in this way some hair follicles are inserted into a calm phase losing their hair, while others are into a development phase producing hair again. As a result the hair that are observed on the skin correspond to only a small part the hair follicles that are still inside the skin.

Hair removal lasers (Diode 808nm, SHR, E-light) destroy every follicle that contains hair on the first application. The advanced systems emit large quantities of light treating larger areas of skin by using pulse light and limiting the time and profit of each treatment.The following treatments can be done depending on the area of the body, when the hair follicles that were in a calm phase complete their cycle and enter a development phase. In this way there are gradually solutions to the above problems depending on the area of the skin.

Machines for Hair removal

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