It’s a treatment that has been used for many years abroad(since 1958 in France) and it is applied widely in order to face aesthetic problems. Mesotherapy improves the micro-circulation and this way it enables the best oxygenation of cells and the emission of toxins.

Hair removal

The most common reason of undesirable hair growth is the idiopathic hyper hair while in some cases a hormonal control is needed besides the laser treatment. The problem is also about the hair growth inside the skin which causes redness and zits(beard for men – bikini and legs for women).


Fibroblasts are skin cells which produce collagen and elastin fibers, necessary for the skin’s support and elasticity. In time, fibroblasts tend to degenerate and as a result skin aging, wrinkles and slackness occur. Also the skin gathers years and hours of sun exposure and photo-aging occurs even in young people.


The most common dermal problem is the existence of zits on the face and breasts. The zits are the result of an intense function of sebaceous glands that generate the smegma, that is the natural hydrated substance of the skin. The smegma is “blocked” inside the skin and redness-inflammation is developed along with germs.

Scars and stretchmarks

Scars are marks which are created by surgical incisions, injuries or dermal diseases such as acne. There are puny scars which look the same as holes in the skin and hypertrophic scars that bulge. Stretchmarks are the red or white lines that are developed in spots where the skin extends during pregnancy and puberty or after the wrong use of cortisone.

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