• Ergonomic head with xenon lamp
  • 500.000 shots are guaranteed
  • The water tube is made of silicon for better endurance
  • 3 cooling systems provide a safe and convenient treatment for the patients
  • Alarm activation in case of high water temperature and low water level
  • Greek menu

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How it works

The E-light laser or IPL technologies apply short shots of about 2-300 millimeters per second, releasing a huge amount of energy (12-120 J/cm). This energy is transferred to the hair root by means of melanin, where a temperature of 65-72 C is produced.

The skin as well as the red blood cells have a similar constant absorption to melanin and as a result they absorb the high levels of energy that are produced by laser and IPL methods.

On the other hand, SHR technology uses the method of melanin only partially (50%), and combines the in-motion technology, by heating the skin smoothly and enabling the penetration into the follicles that produce hair.

Research has shown that a slower but longer heating process is significantly more effective for permanent hair removal than a short and high heating process. So, when you use the SHR, the laser goes through the tissue many times (in motion) with low energy and a larger number of repetition(up to 10hz/s) in contrast to the traditional method of individual pulses of high energy. So, the melanin of hair as well as the tissue of stem cells, are heated by low levels of energy in slow pace providing painless application and better results.


Wavelength (range) 650 – 950nm(SHR), 430/530/640-1200nm(E-light)
Energy density (flow) 10 – 26J/cm2(SHR), 10 – 60J/cm2(E-light)
Radiofrequency energy μέχρι και 50 J/cm³ (W)
Spot Size 10 x 40 mm2 (SR), 15 x 50 mm2 (HR)
Pulse repetition rate 0.2 Hz – 2 Hz
Pulse duration 0.5 – 15 ms
Pulses 1 – 15 pulses
IPL Optimal power 3500 W
Optimal radiofrequency power 100 W
Cooling Constant crystal cooling contact+air cooling+closed water circuit
Mode on standby Constant for 20 hours
Display 10.4″ Coloured LCD touch screen
Electrical requirements 110/230VAC, 15/20A max., 50/60Hz
Pure weight 60 kgs
Dimensions (WxDxH) 570 x 650 x 1270 mm


  • Hair removal
  • Skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Scars and flecks treatment
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Hyperpigmented skin treatment
  • Spider- veins removal
  • Acne treatment


  • Counter: It counts the number of shots
  • Switches: Two grey for different use
  • Spot size: 2 spot sizes: 10*40mm², 15*50mm
  • Lamps: They are introduced from Germany and their life span is from 150.000 shots

Before and after

Hair removal

Skin rejuvenation

Pore removal

Wrinkle removal

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